White wedding cake with hydrangeas

White wedding cake with hydrangeas

Suzie and Ilya



This white wedding cake with soft pink hydrangeas was made for the Thomas family. Suzie and Ilya were getting married at the beautiful venue called Bracu which is set in a large olive grove in Bombay. Suzie’s mum was hoping to make the cake herself but, as time went on and the list of tasks for the wedding grew, Linda decided it would be too stressful, so she put out her feelers and contacted me.

White Wedding cake with hydrangeas

Suzie & Ilya’s Wedding cake

Suzie and Ilya came to visit, had a lovely afternoon tea with little cakes and chatted about their wedding plans. I had asked Susie to bring some bits and pieces she was wanting to use in her wedding theme. Suzie had some lovely hair combs which she and her mum had made for the bridesmaids and they looked a little like hydrangeas so we decided I would make some sugar paste blossoms in the same tones that would go on the cake. Suzie and Ilya also thought they would like a white wedding cake and they loved the frills I had done on other cakes.Hydrangeas for the white wedding cake

Suzie’s dad loves fruit cake but Suzie and Ilya really liked the delicious chocolate cake I make. So dad got his fruit cake on the bottom tier and I made 2 chocolate cakes for the other tiers. Fruit cakes need almond paste underneath fondant. Lots of people don’t like almond paste, however I make my own which has orange blossom water and natural almond extract in the recipe. It has such a delicate flavour unlike the packets of almond icing you can buy at the supermarket.

Ian and I took the cake out to Bracu and placed it on its stand on the cake table. The flowers at the venue looked stunning with fluffy white hydrangeas and soft pink roses in tall vases and small arrangements on the tables. It looked perfect! The cake blended into the setting beautifully. But was a hot humid afternoon and I was really worried about the delicate frills on my beautiful white wedding cake. However, that evening I got a lovely text from Linda (the bride’s mother) saying how stunning the cake was and how thrilled they were with it.

If you would like a cake like this just give me a call on 029 356 3668 or email me maggie@florabundacake.co.nz. I’d love to help you.

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