Stunning frilled wedding cake





A stunning orange ombre frilled wedding cake and lots of baby cakes graced the wedding table for Helen and Guy when they got married in December this year. Helen & Guy really love cake – so it was just wonderful to be able to make their wedding cake and little cakes on the side for them. We had so much fun tasting different flavours and talking about their ideas for their wedding day.


Helen wanted one of my frilled wedding cakes and her wedding colours were orange and white. The graduated colour of the frills made the orange disappear into a lovely soft melon and I made orange roses with dark green leaves to bring all the different shades together on top of the cake.


The frilled wedding cake was 8″ round by 6″ tall – perfect for Helen and Guy to cut and then share with their bridal party. Then the chocolate and lemon baby cakes were handed round to friends and family who attended the wedding. I made several little gluten free cakes as well – to make sure guests who were not eating gluten were made to feel special.


Helen purchased the white cake stand in the States when she was over there, but you could use an assortment of lovely old plates or cake stands to display them on. Hand-made orange sugar blossoms on toothpicks finished off each little cake.Stunning frilled orange wedding cake Baby cakes are lovely change from cup cakes. They can also serve as a dessert at a wedding together with fresh berries, cream or yogurt.



If you want to mix a small wedding cake with little cakes on the side please give me a call. I love to design and make cakes that are just right for each couple I meet. My name is Maggie and I am Florabunda & Cake Phone 029 3563668.

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