Embossed square wedding cake with pansies and leaves

Embossed wedding cake with pansies and leaves on beautiful tray from French Country CollectionsClose of of the pansy and leaf detail of the embossed square wedding cake

In October this year I decided to take a stand at the Grand Wedding Show in order to promote my gorgeous wedding cakes. The Wedding Show was held at Sky City in Auckland and it promotes all sorts of business that are involved in weddings.

I planned to design 3 different cakes for the event, together with a floral arrangement made up entirely of sugar flowers which I had hand crafted. I really wanted one of my designs to be a square. I love this shape because it is very easy to cut and it is not often used these days. It also yields more servings than a traditional round cake. So I decided to make a 3 tiered square cake embossed with fondant pansies and leaves. I wanted the cake to be pure white so that it’s main feature was the intricate texture created from the flowers and leaves.

I started with 3 different sizes, 10″, 8″ and the top tier was 6″. All 3 tiers were covered with fondant before I started the embossing process. Over a period of 3 days I made lots of delicate little pansy flowers and leaves out of fondant (sugar paste) to place over the surface of each tier. When they were all in place the cakes were stacked on top of each other and set in place with royal icing.

I try to use the perfect cake stand or plate for my cakes to sit on because I think this enhances their design. With my embossed pansy cake I found a beautiful tray at French Country Collections in Grey Lynn. The cake was a great success at the wedding show, with many brides loving its simple elegance and 3 tiered square shape. I can emboss cakes with all sorts of difference types of flowers and leaves. The cake can be round or square, small or large. It can be made in pure white or a lovely colour that compliments the wedding story you have chosen. All my cakes are made and designed with each individual in mind. Just phone me for a chat if you’d like find out more.

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