Soft Lavender frilled wedding cake

Soft-lavender-frilled-wedding-cakeA few weeks ago I made a soft lavender frilled wedding cake for Kate and Sam. I met them at the wedding show last year and it was so nice to be able to make a cake for them. I decided to keep the lavender ombre shading really soft and pale – almost so that you could barely tell there was any colour. The gentle shades of the lilic roses and pale grey/green sage leaves melted into the frills; while deep claret roses made a lovely contrast to the little grey berries.



Kate and Sam had 70 guests to their wedding at Cibos and their 2 tiered lavender frilled wedding cake was plenty for all their guests. They decided to have two different flavoured cakes – my luscious lemon cake and a delicious chocolate one on the bottom tier. Both cakes were covered with ganache before being iced with the lavender fondant frills.

I provided them with the cake stand and took the cakes to venue and set them up myself. (I like to do this because then I know that they are perfect and displayed in the best place).

Kate sent me a lovely email thanking me for the wedding cake. She said it was so beautiful and lots of people commented on it. She said it tasted delicious too. Making stunning wedding cakes and delicate sugar flowers for people is so rewarding – I try to make each cake reflect the personality of the bride and groom – spending lots of time finding out about all their plans for the important day.

If you want a special custom made wedding cake give me a call and we can arrange a time to sit down and chat about it. My phone number is 029 356 3668.

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