Naked Wedding Cake Auckland

Naked wedding cake Naked Wedding Cakes are stunningly perfect for rustic weddings in Auckland. They make a lovely simple statement that is both elegant and romantic at the same time.

Naked wedding cakes are divine in any setting and can come in all sorts of sizes. They can be single or multi tiered, chocolate or lemon or red velvet. Naked cakes can be adorned with fresh flowers, berries, nuts and anything, really! You can have all your favourite seasonal flowers on your cake and match them to your wedding bouquet!

This naked cake was luscious luscious lemon. It had 3 tiers – 10″ then 8″ then 6″ and they were 5″ high. There were 4 layers in each cake (sometimes I make them with 3). The cake was drizzled with limoncello syrup then layered with melt in your mouth lemon curd swiss meringue buttercream. There was enough yummy cake for 70 – 80 servings. I also made an extra chocolate cake just to make sure there was plenty to go around – it’s great to have some left- overs for the next day too!

Naked cakes are great for any celebration. They are lovely for anniversaries, birthdays and just to eat cake days! You can order a cake from me and I can whip it up in 2 days. If you need it delivered I can organise that as well. I am really happy to discuss any special requests you have or arrange a time for you to taste my delicious cakes, either email or just call me on 029 356 3668.

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