Naked cakes for rustic wedding themes Auckland

Rustic Wedding cake Naked cakes are a great way to capture the charm of rustic weddings where there is a sense of the organic and natural. Almost shabby sheik but more relaxed than that. It is the sort of cake that embraces romance but expresses the creativity of today’s bride. I like to call them undressed cakes – free from the restraints of fondant, hard edges and formality. In other words what you see is what you get.

I like to take a cake like my delicious Limoncello, lemon curd sponge cake, sandwich it together with yummy extra lemony swiss butter cream icing, then loosely arrange lots of brightly coloured fruit, flowers and sometimes nuts on top, around the sides and anywhere I think they should go .Most people plan their weddings during the summer months,a perfect time for rustic cakes because there is an abundance of beautiful berries and flowers to choose from.

My no fuss cakes make perfect birthday cakes or just a cake for a special lunch or afternoon tea when you can’t be bothered making one yourself! Cakes make great desserts too, with some lovely plain yoghurt or freshly whipped vanilla cream on the side. My cakes have a familiar home- made feel but an air of sophistication as well.Rustic lemon cake for weddings or birthdays


My mother was a great baker and she told me that when you make a cake it has to be a taste sensation. It has to have it’s own unique flavour and freshness, it must be moist but not heavy and sickly. It needs the right balance of icing and cake. I love it when my cakes make people smile and ask for more! So, if you are wanting a special cake that is exciting to look at and delicious to eat I can make it for you. Email me or phone Maggie on 029 356 3668 for a quote.Rustic chocolate cake for Roger

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