Magnolia Wedding cake for Sarah & Brett

Stunning- magnolia- frilled- wedding cake.

Magnolia Wedding Cake

This stunning magnolia wedding cake was especially designed for Sarah and Brett for their recent wedding in Coatesville this month. Sarah has a passion for Magnolias and all she really wanted on her cake was exactly that!  She also had a limited budget so we decided that one 8″  cake that was 6″ tall would do the trick and let the simplicity of the large bloom  take centre stage – and it did!  Together, they chose a chocolate cake (I put one layer of coffee icing in especially for Brett and little Valhrona chocolate pearls for Sarah) and  then I frilled the fondant to give it a slightly vintage look.

The wedding took place in Sarah’s parents’ barn.  The venue looked amazing with a wonderful mis-mash of bohemian and vintage bits and pieces clashing and colliding all over the place.  The magnolia wedding cake sat on a round iron table next to a coloured light that flashed neon colours over it during the night.

Because Sarah and Brett had to keep within a budget I made them a “kitchen Cake.”  This is an extra cake that stays in the caterer’s kitchen and is cut to make the wedding cake go further.  The cake is the same flavour, has the same frosting but none of the frills that add cost to wedding cakes. It’s a great way to make that illusive wedding dollar go further and still be able to get a stunning cake for that special day.

When I make cakes for my customers I like to deliver them in person to the venue.  I provide lovely cake stands which I brought from the States when I was there.  I also have some great stands from French Country Collections.  Sarah and Brett’s Magnolia cake looked perfect on my vintage ceramic stand with stray sugar flower petals scattered around it on the cake table.

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