Luscious Layered Lemon Cake – Auckland

luscious layered lemon cake with geraniums and fuschiasMy luscious layered lemon cake with lemon curd filling is always yummy. It seems to be a great favourite with older ladies (actually it’s a favourite with everyone). Anyway Dawn ordered one for her mum’s 80th birthday which was on Sunday. She wanted to have fresh berries and flowers on the cake rather than the lovely sugar flowers I make for my more formal wedding cakes. So I made two cakes, one 9″ and the other 7″.

Luscious layered lemon cake with lemon buttercreamI always make some sort of syrup to drizzle over my cakes because I think it makes them nice and moist. Then I make a batch of lemon curd -(great recipe in the cook’s companion by Stephanie Alexander). I really love lemon curd and always thought it was difficult to make but it is so easy if you use this recipe. Lastly I make swiss meringue butter-cream which is a bit of a fiddle but it’s worth the time and effort. It’s lovely and smooth and creamy and works really well with the lemon curd and syrup.

I used to be really afraid of layering cakes because I could never get them even and then I’d ended up sawing off large amounts of cake to compensate (sometimes there was hardly anything left!). However, when I was in America, I had a wonderful lesson with a lovely young girl called Emily, the master of cake layering! A little secret she taught me was to have the cakes really cold (best to bake them the night before you need them) and then they are much easier to cut.
You also need a good sharp serrated knife to get a clean cut through the cakes. Now its really easy and also I’m not too attached to having them perfect – I think it’s quite nice to have a few little imperfections when making cakes.

So, once all the cakes are cut into their layers, I start to put them together. First cake, then the yummy lemon buttercream, then the lemon curd, more cake etc. I like to put a layer of buttercream on top of the first cake so I can stick fruit and flowers into it – I think it looks nice too!

Lastly the top layer goes on, the fruit and flowers and hey presto a luscious layered lemon cake – perfect for birthdays, weddings or just eating cake day. If you would like to order one of the give me a call on 029 356 3668 or email me which ever works best.luscious layered lemon cake

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