Dark moist chocolate cake & Christmas cherries

Last week I made 3 dark moist chocolate cakes adorned with Christmas cherries and exotic flowers. Two of my cakes were for special birthdays and the third was for a belated wedding celebration (the actual wedding had been in Fiji and the couple’s family and friends who were not at the wedding were having a second celebration.)

Jaimie’s cake was a 6″ dark moist chocolate cake. I layered his cake with ganache, whipped cream and sour cherries in a delicious sauce made with juice from the cherries and a splash of kirsch (the 2 go very well together). Then I covered the top with more ganache, fresh cherries (so wonderful to have them back in season) more of the scrummy sauce and lastly some bright orange and yellow nasturtiums – a dramatic contrast to the richness of the red sauce- covered fruit. On Saturday Phoebe gave Jaimie his cake, and all the people in the restaurant said they’d never seen a anything like it! (hope that was good!). Needless to say the cake was gobbled up by Jaimie and his friends.Jaimie's dark moist Chocolate cake

Janette's dark moist chocolate cakeWhen Janette got married in her island paradise she had tropical flowers in her bouquet and she asked me to find something similar to use on her cake. So I used wonderful spiky flowers that were orange and red, a few bright nasturtiums and some dark pink geraniums from the garden. Janette really loved her cake and said it embraced her island theme perfectly. I work really hard to design my cakes to the people I am making them for.

The last dark moist chocolate cake for the weekend was for a 60th Birthday. This time I used stunning red roses with an underside of creamy beige which matched the chocolate buttercream in the layers perfectly. I placed tall gold candles on top for the final dramatic touch.

My cakes are always very moist and soft. When I assemble them I always insert 4 posts into the bottom cake so that it can support the next tier. And when I layer the second tier I place that cake on a board of it’s own so that the caterers can remove and cut it separately. My moist dark chocolate cakes are easy to cut with a good serrated cake knife and keep for several days in the fridge (if there is any left-overs).Dark moist chocolate cake for a 60th birthday

If you are having a special birthday, wedding or a Sunday treat and love a really good moist chocolate cake please give me a call on 09 356 3668, I’d love to make one for you.

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