Chocolate birthday cake for no one – Auckland

Naked chocolate birthday cakeToday I made a chocolate birthday cake for No One!

On Monday I was asked to make a special birthday cake for Linda and her daughter. I thought the birthday was this Friday so I made one of my delicious dark chocolate cakes. Then I made some 72% chocolate ganache to go into the swiss meringue buttercream icing and lastly a tangy fresh berry coulis with kirsch to drizzle over each of the layers.

Linda didn’t want a big cake so I made a 6″ chocolate birthday cake which would have been plenty for about 8 hungry people (my cakes tend to be quite tall so you can stretch them out quite a long way). So I spent the morning putting it all together. I sliced the cakes I’d made (and chilled) into four layers, then I spread chocolate buttercream over the first layer. There’s lots of beautiful juicy strawberries around at the moment so I sliced some of those up and put them on top of the chocolate cream. Then I drizzled my fresh berry coulis over the top and put another layer of cake on top. I ended up with 3 layers of the chocolate cream and berries and when I got to the last layer I spread some more buttercream over it, covered it with more sliced strawberries and some fresh blueberries. Lastly I drizzled more coulis over everything and placed two gorgeous red and purple fushcias on top for decoration.Strawberry and Raspberry Coulis

Decorating cakes is so much fun and I find that as I go along all sorts of ideas pop into my head. So I just had to add slices of strawberries into the side of the cake and blueberries which looked like dots on the bottom layer. It looked quite fun but needed just something else. Out into the garden I went and picked a little bunch of my favourite geraniums. I stabbed several of them into the side of the cake and voila!

When I phoned Linda to ask her if she would like me to deliver her cake, I discovered that my yummy cake had been made prematurely and that the birthday was in fact NEXT Friday. Great lesson here, always make sure you know which Friday it is! All was not lost however, because I found a home for my cake at Beca for Ian’s belated birthday and 16 people gobbled it up and all went home feeling very full and happy after a big week at work.Chocolate birthday Cake

If you need a chocolate birthday cake or even just a cake to brighten up a Friday give me a call on 029 356 3668 and I can make one for you on the right Friday!

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