Chocolate Black Forest Cake – 69th Birthday Boy in Auckland

Black_Forest_Cake_Aucklandcake and standFull photo black forest 1full cake and cherriesLast week I was asked to make a chocolate Black Forest Cake for a man’s 69th birthday. People used to eat Black Forest cakes in the 70s! So it’s a sort of “vintage cake” made with a chocolate sponge which is layered with lashings of whipped cream, sour cherries macerated in kirsch and chocolate curls. I hadn’t made one of these for years so firstly I had to do a bit of research and find a good receipe. Good old Nigella Lawson came up trumps! Then I had to source the right ingredients. And then I had to trial it to make sure it was delicious – and it was! The cherries had soaked into the sponge, making it a bit like a cherry trifle without the custard! And the ganache added a bitterness to the whole taste experience. In fact, I had to send the left-overs to my husband’s work so that I didn’t devour it myself! On Saturday I made the actual cake, the cherry filling and the 72% chocolate ganache. Mr Florabunda (my husband) had made me a wonderful new cake stand with an assortment of old crystal bowls, vases and plates (my friend Christine Harris had shown us how to do this)so I stacked the cake on this. First I put a layer of sponge – drizzled it with kirsch, then the cherry filling, then whipped cream and so forth until I ended up with the last layer. I covered this with the ganache, stabbed it with chocolate chards and finished it all off with dark red roses and extra cherries. I ended up with a wonderful tall cake enough for 20 people! Finally Mr Florabunda and I got into the car, air conditioning on full blast, with the very tall cake and drove it to it’s final place in Herne Bay. What fun it was.

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