Sugar flowers for special occasions

Sugar flowers for wedding cakes for sale

Sugar flowers are an essential part of designing and decorating wedding cakes, birthday cakes and cakes for any sort of special occasion. I have always loved flowers and I have a beautiful garden that constantly provides inspiration for my hand-made florabunda.

The arrangement in this photo is made up of many blossoms, berries, roses, orchids and peonies. It has ivy and lovely sage-type leaves weaving through the blooms. Each one has been hand crafted from sugar paste and carefully painted with coloured powder especially made for cakes. Sugar flowers are wonderful because they last for many years and can be a lovely reminder of any special occasion. In fact, not so long ago, they used to be saved for the christening cake of the first born child.

Over the last year I have made lots of different varieties of flowers so I decided to use some of them on my stand at the Grand Wedding Show. I bound each bloom and leaf onto long stems of wire so that I could arrange them like fresh flowers in a lovely old french urn which I brought from #Bashford Antiques in Ponsonby. It was a great way of showing the people the different kinds of sugar flowers that I can make. In fact some people thought they were so real that they bent over them to smell them!

Buying a wedding cake and sugar flowers from Florabunda & Cake is a very personal experience. We all get together and have a lovely cup of tea which I serve in my Mum’s old china tea cups, eat delicious little cakes and talk about favourite flowers, their smells and their beautiful colours. Sometimes brides match the wedding cake flowers with their bridal bouquet or their bridesmaids’ dresses. A cake can look wonderful covered in lots of flowers or simply adorned with one single bloom.

Lastly if you want to make your own wedding cake but don’t have the time to make the flowers you can buy them from Florabunda & Cake.


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  1. Hi there,

    I was wondering if you were able to make Orange Oriental Lilies? or something similar…. A friend is making our wedding cake however we need to find flowers to place on top… our colour is coral/ orange 🙂

    Kind regards

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