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Exotic wedding cake flowers

In April this year I designed this exotic wedding cake for Melanie, a beautiful young girl who was French/Moroccan. She was living here with her boyfriend. His mother, Michelle, was helping them to organise their wedding as her parents were in France. They were having an intimate little wedding in the garden at home before taking off to San Francisco for the America’s Cup. Then they were having another ceremony in Morocco (some people get all the breaks huh?).

I went to see them with some little cakes I’d made for them to sample and some pretend ruffle cakes to look at (I make ruffle cakes and embossed cakes). Melanie had difficulty deciding what sort of cake to choose – luscious lemon limoncello cake or dark chocolate mocha cake both of which are very delicious and decadent. (I did suggest that she have one tier lemon and the other chocolate) Eventually she decided on the lemon cake, with white ruffles and finished off with lots of my sugar roses. Mel showed me her wedding dress which was a wonderful vibrant saffron – a fantastic colour with her dark hair and jet black eyes. I felt she needed an exotic wedding cake to match the striking colour of her choice of dress.

Mel also wanted to have bright flowers in her wedding bouquet so I googled Moroccan colours and found lots of wonderful images of fabrics and spices from that part of the world – this was to be my inspiration.Random flower arrangementExotic wedding cake

I also arranged containers of flowers for the big day. Michelle had to go to Japan and needed some help. I have a great collection of old vases and I used to do wedding flowers in Tauranga with my friend Marilyn. I brought masses of beautiful sunflowers, bright blue delphiniums, purple lisianthus, stocks, lillies and shocking pink gerberas. I love flowers and I feel they make such a difference to a room or venue.


 If you love the look of this exotic wedding cake and beautiful flowers and would like me to talk to you about your wedding just give me a call on 029 356 3668 or email maggie@florabundacake.co.nz

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