21st Birthday lemony almond cake

Lemony, Almond CakeJulie asked me to make a 21st birthday cake for her daughter last week. We had met at a Bespoke Wedding Gala at the Department Store a few months ago and discussed catching up at a later date to do some work together. We had a bit of a chat over the phone and decided that the birthday cake was going to be lemon with some flowers on top and that was that.

I think that a 21st birthday cake needs to be special – something a bit more than just a regular old birthday cake – after all we only turn 21 once. So I set about crafting darling little pink blossoms and fantasy leaves that I would use to make little sprigs and branches. They are really great to place on cakes because you can place them anywhere – even curve them up and over the cake if you want. When the flowers were dry I dusted them with French Lilic colour and added little touches of glitter here and there. Then I brightened up the leaves with a darker green and splattered the tips and veins with gold.

Next the lemony almond cake – I brushed each layer with lemon syrup to make it especially moist and lemony. It was 7″ round with 4 layers of lemon curd and my srummy swiss meringue buttercream – perfect size for 10 – 15 people. I carefully trimmed all the sides so that the layers were neatly defined and straight. – Perfect to place my dainty sugar blossom branches on or around.

It takes me about a week to plan, make and put together a beautiful cake for a 21st birthday. If you would like me to make a special cake for someone you love please contact me at maggie@florabundacake.co.nz. I would really love to help you.


Delicate sugar blossoms and Leaves





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